A Nonprofit Blog

Lunch at the food kitchen.

Call this officially a nonprofit blog. In my work at a homeless shelter, I see a different angle through my camera lens than most so called “nonprofit bloggers.” I take pictures for newsletters and talk to people who drop by our kitchen for lunch. I’m not a consultant, a think tanker or a guru telling others how things should be done. Yet, I do work among the homeless, the addicted and the forgotten.

A Real Nonprofit

I work at a real nonprofit, and see the need for a nonprofit blog. My little world is a community-based, charity nonprofit that meets real community needs. I see homeless people, folks struggling with addictions, and volunteers dropping by to lend a hand. I talk with parents, pastors and parole officers seeking resources to meet human needs.

Here’s What See

I see a man fresh off drugs who learns how to care for others by helping out in our kitchen. I watch hardened people brighten up when you say “Hi, welcome to our kitchen!!” And yes, I see people do what we call “go back out there.” That’s slang for someone who kicked the drugs and made progress, only to relapse and go back to the drugs.

Here’s What I Don’t See

Nonprofit experts don’t often drop by to help out. The people who work at the charity ratings services or the policy think-tank gurus don’t come by much to actually get some dirt under their fingernails. The freelance writers who churn out copy for the non-profit periodicals don’t ring my phone asking “hey Rex, how do things really work at a real nonprofit?”

So I’m starting A Nonprofit Blog

I recently googled “nonprofit blog.” A site recommending “Top Ten: Nonprofit Blogs” popped up. Not a single one was actually written by a nonprofit employee. Most appeared to be authored by people who make their living working with nonprofits, but not in nonprofits. There’s a big difference. People who work with nonprofits may offer a valuable service. People working in nonprofits actually know what’s going on.

Community-based, Charitable Nonprofit

This blog will focus on the community-based, charitable nonprofit. We will focus on real issues faced by real nonprofits on a daily basis, hence the name “The Real Nonprofit.” I welcome anyone who works, volunteers, serves on a board, or affiliates in any way with a nonprofit to follow this blog. Please drop me a message a rex@rexbaker.net if you have a topic you’d like addressed.

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