A Dog’s Life

Anyone who doesn’t love dogs stinks as a person. Take a gander at the above pictured canine, my oldest daughter’s lovable mutt Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit is a rescue dog that my daughter should have never rescued. At least that’s what I thought at the time she announced the grand news of his acquisition. But in reality, my life is a dog’s life. Meaning, I own dogs.

Owning a Pet is Good for your Health

Studies show that pets are good for our overall well-being. That’s just grand for my family, as we are animal lovers. With three dogs and two cats, I should live to age 125. That’s not counting the pets my now-adult daughters are bringing into their families. Naturally, these pets migrate to our house when the kids need a petsitter.

People Who Don’t Like Animals are Boring

You know the person I’m talking about. Successful, dressed to the nines, never a hair out of place, and they certainly don’t want Fido jumping onto their neatly pressed slacks. We need these people. They make things happen. They make sure policy and procedure gets implemented at the workplace. They make sure we all dutifully perform our daily tasks. And these types of people don’t like pets because animals are messy and don’t give a flip about employee handbooks, much less following them. These people are boring. Treat them with respect, love them, but just understand they are a bit weird. They can’t help it. They are blind to the benefits of a dog’s life.

Get a Dog

Don’t be a boring person. Get a dog. The love of a good dog will make difficult days better. My dog Spice is always glad to see me, even if she last saw me three minutes ago. Yes, your dog will shed on the sofa. That’s the price of canine love. Yes, you will have to clean out the kitty’s litter box. That’s the price of a good purr to greet you when you awake. But if it helps lower your blood pressure in today’s crazy world, just throw a pet blanket over the couch and get ready for your dog to lick your face. A dog’s life will improve your life, even if it means hair on the couch.

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