Time to Write a Book

I’ve decided it’s time to write a book. I’m the creative, yet unorganized type and find myself constantly trying to navigate a world designed by the organized people. Thought maybe it was just me, but a couple of “google” searches proved otherwise. I discovered entire professional networks and coaches who help the organizationally impaired.

I also found a ton of condescending blogs treating the less organized as if we should live on a leper colony. Some bloggers are more understanding of the dilemma faced by unorganized people. Still others treat us like a zoo exhibit. “Children, come look at this messy desk. How odd!”

How Many People are Unorganized?

How many are unorganized? I’d say a bunch. Here’s the catch. If you are organized, bless you. We need organized people to run the world; to make sure the work gets done and we stay on task. We love you, we really do. But understand this, I don’t want to be like you.

I don’t want to regiment my life by a daily to-do list. To truly make me organized, you’d have to do a lobotomy. This would require rewiring my brain to shut down the creative part willing to write a book about a subject that interests me. I don’t want to switch from being fascinated with content creation to being fascinated with organizing my closet.

Unorganized People of the World Unite!

I want this book to include your input. If interested in being part of my book research team, shoot me an email at rex@rexbaker.net. I began the first chapter over the weekend and hope to have the rough draft complete by the end of the year.

This book will not be another treatise on time management. Rather it will be designed to help those of us who struggle with organization to get our stuff together so that we can accomplish our dreams. After all, dreaming is where unorganized people shine. Locked within an unorganized mind is often a hurricane of creative genius. Think Albert Einstein. Messy and brilliant.

I’m no Einstein, but I bristle at being put in a straight-jacket by my organized friends. Am I always punctual? No. Does it bother me? Not really. Don’t misunderstand me. Even unorganized people can be punctual, if we want to be. We just need convincing that the meeting is really so important in the first place. (Hint: the meeting isn’t always important just because the organized people say you’re supposed to be there.)

Join the Team

So shoot me an email at rex@rexbaker.net. I’ll be compiling research in the coming weeks and want to include real stories from real people. Well, gotta go now. I’m running a few minutes late to work.

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