Your Daily Routine

Your success in life can be found in your daily routine. People who succeed do certain positive things every day. Conversely, people who fail do certain things every day also. A friend posted this graphic to Facebook recently, listing out the daily traits and attitudes of successful and unsuccessful people. Let’s look at them for a moment.

Do You Read?

Are you a reader? Do you read books that increase your knowledge or widen your perspective? Or do you watch television every day. The hard truth is that successful people make reading a habit. They don’t waste time in front of the TV set every night. I have friends who refuse to read. “I don’t like to read,” is their mantra anytime you mention a book. That’s okay. The world is just fine with you remaining stupid. I’m always amazed at how some people will spend a lifetime in debt and financial misery when a $25 book on financial management could have saved them tons of grief. Oops, I forgot. They don’t have time to read.

Do You Talk about Ideas?

Successful people don’t spend much time criticizing others or gossiping. They are constantly talking about their latest idea. Do you talk about ideas? Do you come up with new ways of doing things and bounce those ideas off others? Successful people do that. Not every idea becomes reality, but successful people come up with most of the good ideas that move our society forward.

Do You Accept Responsibility?

My life would be great if not for others messing it up. Right? Wrong. My biggest enemy is the person I see in the mirror each morning. Accepting responsibility for our failures rather than blaming others is a mark of a successful person. Do you accept responsibility for your failures? Nothing riles me up more than seeing people protesting this or that and blaming their failures on someone else. The person we blame for our failures in reality isn’t all that interested in us. They are too busy leading their own lives. Successful people accept responsibility rather than assessing blame.

Do You Set Goals?

Do you have a goal for this today, this week, this month, this year? Successful people set goals and work until they complete them. Do you set goals? Do you have a personal or career project this year that will move your life forward? Successful people do.

Your Daily Routine

Remember, if you want to be successful, you’ve got to work at it every day. The key to successful people can be found in their daily routine. What is your daily routine? If you aren’t getting the results in life you want, check your daily routine. A goal without a plan to complete it is just a dream. Arrange your daily routine to complete life-changing goals and watch your success level rise.

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