Quarantine Hobby

During this shutdown, I’ve rediscovered an old love, one that I call my quarantine hobby. It’s the love of books. I don’t get paid to read books for a living. I’ve written one, but it’s not topping the charts to allow me to quit my day job. My day job is serving as the director of a homeless shelter. We also serve a noon lunch meal to those in our area needing something to eat. Folks come by at lunch and we help them make it through these times, masks, gloves, food and all.

But while I spent a good bit of time at home over the last couple of months, I put the finishing touches on a second book that is now in the formatting process. I also had time to read some new books. Reading is a passion for me, as I love the thrill of finding new information, new insights, and new thoughts on how to live a better life.

Not All Readers Lead, but All Leaders Read

Leadership guru John Maxwell often says that “not all readers lead, but all leaders read.” That’s true. People who move up the ladder in the world are generally readers. They read trade journals and books to help them keep up with the latest trends. They gather insight through books and articles that give them an edge in their career.

Some books have literally changed my life. With that in mind, I’ve decided to repurpose this blog and begin doing book reviews. I’ve got hundreds of books that I’ve gathered over the years in various genres. History, personal development, theology, philosophy, exercise, financial literacy are a few of the topics.

I’ve also noticed that people who don’t read generally are not as ambitious in life. They may do well in a profession, but they lack that certain drive to get ahead. Readers keep plugging away until they succeed at a project, goal or dream. Non-readers generally talk about what they want to do, but too often don’t get around to doing it.

Become a Reader

If you are a reader, congratulations. You have chosen wisely. If you are not a reader, become one. I’ve got friends who tell me “I don’t like to read.” That’s fine. The world is okay with you staying stupid and uninformed. You learn absolutely nothing from the book you do not read.

So, in this space moving forward we will discuss books; books with the power to inform and the power to change you, if you do what they say. Information is power, and information is contained within books. Start reading a good book today.

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