Wasting Time at Work

I will waste a good deal of time today. That's because my workplace culture practically requires wasting time at work. My job as a non-profit executive carries an expectation that I will be present and available for my people. Whether they be employees, clients, donors or volunteers doesn't matter. When someone phones, emails or drops … Continue reading Wasting Time at Work

Do You Let Others Steal Your Time?

Would you leave your wallet lying around the office? I didn't think so. It would be stupid to invite others to steal your cash, credit cards and personal identification. Yet, there is a commodity much more valuable than than money that we too often allow others to casually steal on a daily basis. Our time. … Continue reading Do You Let Others Steal Your Time?

Time to Write a Book

I've decided it's time to write a book. I'm the creative, yet unorganized type and find myself constantly trying to navigate a world designed by the organized people. Thought maybe it was just me, but a couple of "google" searches proved otherwise. I discovered entire professional networks and coaches who help the organizationally impaired. I … Continue reading Time to Write a Book

What Type of Person Are You at Work?

The bossy co-worker who gets things done; the life-of-the-party co-worker who doubles as the office gossip columnist; the go-by-the-rules co-worker who insists on playing by the book; the best-friend co-worker who is steady and easy-going. What type of person are you at work? Since the days of Hippocrates, smart folks have recognized four basic personality … Continue reading What Type of Person Are You at Work?