Your Daily Routine

Your success in life can be found in your daily routine. People who succeed do certain positive things every day. Conversely, people who fail do certain things every day also. A friend posted this graphic to Facebook recently, listing out the daily traits and attitudes of successful and unsuccessful people. Let's look at them for … Continue reading Your Daily Routine

Wasting Time at Work

I will waste a good deal of time today. That's because my workplace culture practically requires wasting time at work. My job as a non-profit executive carries an expectation that I will be present and available for my people. Whether they be employees, clients, donors or volunteers doesn't matter. When someone phones, emails or drops … Continue reading Wasting Time at Work

Do You Let Others Steal Your Time?

Would you leave your wallet lying around the office? I didn't think so. It would be stupid to invite others to steal your cash, credit cards and personal identification. Yet, there is a commodity much more valuable than than money that we too often allow others to casually steal on a daily basis. Our time. … Continue reading Do You Let Others Steal Your Time?