Your Daily Routine

Your success in life can be found in your daily routine. People who succeed do certain positive things every day. Conversely, people who fail do certain things every day also. A friend posted this graphic to Facebook recently, listing out the daily traits and attitudes of successful and unsuccessful people. Let's look at them for … Continue reading Your Daily Routine

How Do You Fulfill Your Priorities

I will spend the majority of today doing what other people want me to do. You will too. So how do you fulfill your personal priorities when pressed by others to pay attention to their drama? Let me preach on it. Due to the nature of my job as an executive leader in a nonprofit … Continue reading How Do You Fulfill Your Priorities

Most Meetings are a Waste of Time

It's time to rethink "meetings." You know, those get togethers where we discuss issues of vital importance to the organization. Allow me to be blunt. Most meetings are a waste of time. "Oh contraire", the meeting organizer exclaims! We must meet to discuss strategy and develop a plan! Some Meetings Are Necessary Okay, so some … Continue reading Most Meetings are a Waste of Time