Wasting Time at Work

I will waste a good deal of time today. That's because my workplace culture practically requires wasting time at work. My job as a non-profit executive carries an expectation that I will be present and available for my people. Whether they be employees, clients, donors or volunteers doesn't matter. When someone phones, emails or drops … Continue reading Wasting Time at Work

Time to Write a Book

I've decided it's time to write a book. I'm the creative, yet unorganized type and find myself constantly trying to navigate a world designed by the organized people. Thought maybe it was just me, but a couple of "google" searches proved otherwise. I discovered entire professional networks and coaches who help the organizationally impaired. I … Continue reading Time to Write a Book

Life is Difficult, So Appreciate Rainbow Moments

My wife and I were driving to dinner one afternoon when she excitedly exclaimed "there's a rainbow!" I looked to my right and sure enough, there was the rainbow in all it's splendor following an afternoon shower. This rainbow moment provided a much-appreciated spark to a hectic day. "Life is difficult" reads the opening line … Continue reading Life is Difficult, So Appreciate Rainbow Moments