Wasting Time at Work

I will waste a good deal of time today. That's because my workplace culture practically requires wasting time at work. My job as a non-profit executive carries an expectation that I will be present and available for my people. Whether they be employees, clients, donors or volunteers doesn't matter. When someone phones, emails or drops … Continue reading Wasting Time at Work

Do You Let Others Steal Your Time?

Would you leave your wallet lying around the office? I didn't think so. It would be stupid to invite others to steal your cash, credit cards and personal identification. Yet, there is a commodity much more valuable than than money that we too often allow others to casually steal on a daily basis. Our time. … Continue reading Do You Let Others Steal Your Time?

The Power of Mind-Mapping

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the power of mind-mapping. If you are like me and struggle with organization, mind-mapping is a great way to get a hodge-podge of thoughts onto a board where you can turn them into something beautiful. (If your life is expertly organized into properly located and named … Continue reading The Power of Mind-Mapping