Your Daily Routine

Your success in life can be found in your daily routine. People who succeed do certain positive things every day. Conversely, people who fail do certain things every day also. A friend posted this graphic to Facebook recently, listing out the daily traits and attitudes of successful and unsuccessful people. Let's look at them for … Continue reading Your Daily Routine

Develop Your Full Potential

Are you developing your full potential? I hope so, but most people don’t. Most people never fulfill their true potential. They exit this life having existed in the safety of mediocrity rather truly living among the dangerously heroic. I once read that the richest place in the world is the cemetery. That’s because of all … Continue reading Develop Your Full Potential

When An Extrovert wants to set an Introvert’s Agenda

I'm writing this blog during a moment of frustration. I reluctantly agreed to a meeting tonight that someone else initiated. The meeting really throws my day off schedule, yet I agreed to it because of complex reasons. However, this turn of events jolts my system to the need to confront a reality. A lot of … Continue reading When An Extrovert wants to set an Introvert’s Agenda